High Achievers 2012/2013

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Welcome to our school

Welcome to our school From its humble beginnings in 1963, it is today, undoubtedly, the top   school offering the best of British education system; having a student   population of over 900 and more than 80 long-serving, qualified and   committed teachers. We consistently produce top results in the IGCSE   exams, both at regional and international levels. Please b [...]

The Annual School Play

The Annual School Play

Parenting Workshop

Parenting Workshop The frantic pace of life has left most parents with barely sufficient time with their children. The digital world has turned our children into “robots” who now are now at the mercy of the most negative media exposure such as internet, TV, phone etc. The world has sent a clear message to our children, “You don’t need education to become succes [...]

Excellence in International Swimming ...

Heer and Shubham Heer Mukesh Nagda scoops 6 Gold,3 silver and 2 bronze medals while Shubham Milan Shah wins 2 bronze medals  in South Africa level one swimming Championship held from 27th to 30th March 2014. Heer Mukesh in Action Heer and Shubham  

Brookhouse Interschool Creative Writi...

DSC02497 The annual BROOKHOUSE INTERSCHOOLS ILLUSTRATED CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION, took place in March 2014. This year’s theme was: “HOPES AND DREAMS” It’s a great honor to announce  that, on 7th March, 2014, we took part in a great prize giving ceremony  at Brookhouse. Perhaps in keeping with our tradition, we scooped all the top 3 positions in th [...]

The World Scholars Cup Regional Round...

IMG_9511 This year’s (2014) World Scholars Cup was held at Light Academy – Karen on 1st and 2nd March 2014. For two days, our students found themselves in the midst of exciting and amazing times. Discussions of the global priorities that will affect the future of the universe were on the debate table. They engaged in great debates, discussions and col [...]

The Principal

The Principal

The Academy Principal, Mr. C. Banerjee. (Click Picture to read his message)

The Head

The Head

The Junior High campus head Dr. G. Saxena (Click this image to read her welcome message)